Frequently asked questions

Why choose a celebrant?

A celebrant will tailor make and deliver your ceremony exactly as you wish it to be. Celebrants are not confined by any legalities or customs, so ceremonies can be held at any venue (no license needed), and include any wording, poetry, music, etc. of your choosing. Celebrant ceremonies are perfect choice for couples who want a wedding (at home or abroad), a civil partnership, a vow renewal, a commitment ceremony or a special anniversary celebration. Celebrant ceremonies are also ideal for families wishing to welcome their child in a very personal way. Likewise a celebrant will deliver a unique tribute reflecting the life lived by the deceased. A celebrant can offer mixture of religious and non-religious elements in their ceremony or a ceremony with no religious reference. Whatever your occasion is, a celebrant weaves the script around you and your wishes.

Can a celebrant perform legal marriages and civil partnerships?

No - in England and Wales, only registrars and certain religious officials can perform legal marriage and civil partnership ceremonies. If you choose to a celebrant-led ceremony you also need to book a date to legally register your marriage/partnership beforehand. This can be as straightforward as attending your local register office with two witnesses to conduct the legalities and sign the register. You can save your vows and exchanging of rings, etc. for the celebrant-led bespoke celebration day.

I prefer not to have any religious or spiritual content in my ceremony, is that possible?

A benefit of choosing to have a celebrant-led ceremony is that it's entirely your choice whether to include religious or spiritual content or keep it secular. You may have no religious beliefs but one of your favourite pieces of music or readings has religious connotations, meaning it would not be permitted in a civil ceremony conducted by a registrar. Or perhaps you both come from different religious backgrounds and you want your ceremony to acknowledge this. We can work together on the script and the choices of music/readings/customs to ensure that the right balance is struck.

Can I have my ceremony outdoors, say in the local park?

With a wedding celebration you are pretty much restricted only by your imagination. Once you have completed the prescriptive legalities you can choose almost any venue (no license required), I can advise you of the practicalities of your choice. With a naming ceremony, again here you can choose any practical venue, outdoor or garden ceremonies are very popular. If it is a funeral please ring to discuss your options.

Any further questions?

If you have any other concerns or queries, no matter what, please do call for an informal chat.

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